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Adopting a Cat or Kitten


Many of our adoptable cats live inside PetSmart Delran at 4004 Route 130 next to Target. Some cats available for adoption are living in foster care.          Adoption Fees: Kittens (less than 1 year): $150        Adult Cats (over 1 year): $100

All cats and kittens in The Cat’s Meow Rescue Group have been evaluated by a veterinarian. All cats have received age appropriate vaccinations and have had blood tests for FIV/FELV. A copy of all veterinary forms is given to the adopter at the time of adoption so that records may be given to vet of the adopter’s choice.
Each adoption fee helps to pay for vaccinations, spay/neuter surgery, blood tests, deworming medication, and flea treatment of each cat adopted. The Cat's Meow uses all adoption fees and donations to continue our mission of saving cats from the shelter and off the streets. WE CAN ONLY DO THIS WITH YOUR HELP! 
When considering adoption, please remember that cats typically live to be 17-20 years old therefore the decision to adopt a cat into your life requires commitment for many years. We ask that you think carefully about your lifestyle BEFORE adopting a cat to make sure you can be a good cat parent.
Thank you for choosing to adopt! Please email us with any further questions or visit our adoption center at PetSmart Delran! Applications can be emailed to us or dropped off at PetSmart Delran.
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